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Sinitude was founded in 2001 in Vaud, Switzerland by Professor Philippe Laurent, an innovative Dean and Training Director to promote cultural and educational exchanges between China and the West. While successfully advising and fulfilling the needs of Chinese clients for a world-class secondary and tertiary education in Switzerland and Europe, the company decided to further provide high-quality seminars and training programs for the executives in response to increasingly demand from China. In 2015, the company diversifies its core services to provide professional trainings in Switzerland and China; as well as consultancy services for Chinese and Swiss SMEs, or individuals in various cross cultural projects.

Sinitude built its leading position in organizing and delivering high-quality seminars and training programs for Chinese executives in Switzerland. We have established a long-term strategic relationship with Swiss authorities, top level Swiss private & public universities, financial institutions and banks. Our partners include Linder training center, the first Swiss overseas training institution qualified by SAFEA; JEHEG; ISFB ,Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences and reputable Swiss banks etc.

To answer repeated requests from our clients, Sinitude launched its innovative executive training programs designed for Chinese Elderly Care Center and Health Management institutions.. By learning the Swiss world leading industrial know how, latest theoretical knowledge, international regulations and practical applications, we aim to equip the Chinese participants with key elements needed to become a culturally aware global business leader and to be successful in an international and competitive environment.

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